Talks for Youth

Help from Our Faith Dealing with Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying is a hot topic for middle school and high school youth today. What they don't always hear is how dealing with this problem is one of the ways they can live out their faith - and that they can also rely on the power of their faith to get through it.

Mary: Mother of the Rosary

Makes a case for why we should pray the Rosary and presents the story of the young girl destined to become the Mother of God. Explains the meaning of the Rosary and how to pray it.

Social Justice for Teens

This presentation begins with the experience of giving, then the Catholic understanding of social justice, and lastly applies the principles of social justice in our world, inviting the teens into critical thinking and dialogue.

Theology of the Body: Saying 'Yes' to True Love

Interactive presentation for teens and pre-teens presenting the positive, discreet, and appropriate message of chastity as the respect for our bodies necessary for us to truly love. Drawing on discussion, activities, videos, and stories, it challenges youth to think in terms of the purity God intended. This presentation is usually done in a parent-youth mini-retreat in which the parents and youth begin together, separate, and then return together for a touching and memorable closing activity.

Most catechetical topics for any age group