A Reader's Study of the Gospels: The Gospel of John

Wyatt North's A Reader's Study of the Gospels series, written by Michael J. Ruszala, contains an engaging narrative and commentary on each gospel.

A Reader's Study of the Gospels: The Gospel of John assists the reader to understand the fourth gospel's theology and symbolism in presenting Jesus as God’s eternal Word, the Light of the World, the Bread of Life, the Good Shepherd, and much more.

Amazon Customer Review: "This book taught me quite a bit about the Gospel of John. I learned many items that I never before realized: from the Prologue statements of 'In the beginning was the Word' and its parallel to the Book of Genesis thru the Agony in the Garden and the band of soldiers (600 men) to the Resurrection Epilogue being similar to earlier events in the life of Jesus. The author's style made this book very interesting but also very informative with much information I never heard before. You will not be disappointed by this book." -JL Borsberry

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