Book by Michael: David and the Psalms

People are fascinated by the concept of royalty. The notion stirs up sentiments of love, admiration, and hatred. We see ourselves in them, and yet we criticize them at times with indignation. While most monarchies today have been put aside or at least limited in their power, the concept of royalty cannot be erased from human consciousness. In the words of Jesus, Christians pray, “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” The ultimate and most perfect monarchy is that of God himself, the sovereign of all creation.

Through David and the story of the kingship, God taught us about his governance of the world and of his people. David was only human and at times the worthy subject of both praise and severe criticism. But in his relationship with God, we find a model for the people both then and today: suppleness to God’s will; wholehearted pursuit of righteousness; sincere repentance from sin; mercy for others; and true worship of God, who alone is worthy.

Amazon customer review: "Thank you for this book. The Book of Psalms is no longer just a prayer book now. This book puts a story to it, and puts everything in perspective" (posted by Vinchu Lapid)

Amazon customer review: "Michael Ruszala took me on a journey through 1st & 2nd Samuel interweaving the Palms of David. His analysis was plain and concise... I couldn't wait to get home and complete my journey with Samuel. Thank you Wyatt North for this publicatio[n]. A must read for all Christians" (posted by Albert).

Amazon customer review: "It really is a book that is thought provoking, and makes one look at one's own relationship with God, and whether one's heart is set on God. There's so much more I could write about this book, but I could never do it justice. It just moves you. I would definitely recommend this book!" (posted by Tammy Boykin).

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