Book by Michael: The Life and Times of Jesus: The Messiah Behind Enemy Lines (Part Two)

Jesus was a Messiah behind enemy lines – God come into a sinful world ruled by evil. He was on a secret mission to save humanity. To Jesus’ first-century Jewish contemporaries, whatever the Nazarene might be, he was not simply ‘another good rabbi.’ Jesus was a polarizing figure. One believed either that this powerful preacher and wonderworker was uniquely of God or that he was an agent of the Evil One. As he said in Luke’s Gospel, “Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters” (Lk. 11:23). 

Amazon customer review by Sr. Maryann Shaefer: "This is the perfect book for anyone who wishes to put Jesus in the historical setting of his time. It is a great resource for anyone studying Jesus' life from the point of history. Though it is historical in nature, it keeps your interest level high as you follow in Jesus' footsteps from the eyes of onlookers. I also like how the author does bring in scripture to solidify his statements. Just a wonderful book. Thank you!"

Available in Kindle and softcover through Wyatt North Publishing. Click here for a link.