Book by Michael: Pope Francis: Pastor of Mercy

Understanding the life of Jorge Bergoglio is essential to understanding how Pope Francis shepherds his flock - and the key is mercy. What exactly do people find so attractive about Pope Francis? There is something about him that captivates and delights people, even people who hardly know anything about him. Aldo Cagnoli, a layman who developed a friendship with the Pope when he was serving as a cardinal, shares the following: “The greatness of the man, in my humble opinion lies not in building walls or seeking refuge behind his wisdom and office, but rather in dealing with everyone judiciously, respectfully, and with humility, being willing to learn at any moment of life; that is what Father Bergoglio means to me.” This book uncovers the life of the 266th Bishop of Rome, Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

Customer review: “Well researched and written with love, Pope Francis, Pastor of Mercy took me by surprise…”

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