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New Book: Who Created God?


Has an inquisitive child ever stumped you with a question such as, “Who created God?” “What is Heaven like?” or “Why did God create the world? Was he lonely?” These questions have actually been pondered by great thinkers such as St. Thomas Aquinas, who, guided by faith, based his answers on solid principles. Who Created God? A Teacher’s Guidebook for Answering Children’s Tough Questions about God connects common children’s religious questions with probable answers based on the teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas. It makes the issues accessible to the adult layperson and provides lesson plans and activities for adults to convey them to children and young people. Adult readers and child-listeners alike will be intrigued! And both will come away with an appreciation that our faith is indeed reasonable and understandable.

Who Should Read Who Created God?

It is for catechists, religion teachers, homeschool teachers, and parents of 4th-9th grade students, and anyone who still has the gift of wonder and just wants to know!

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Who Created God?
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Key Features

  • Based on questions from real faith formation children on fundamental topics about God
  • Follows the flow and spirit of St. Thomas' Summa Theologica and likewise grounded in Scripture
  • Reviewed by catechists, school educators, and theologians
  • Imprimatur and Nihil Obstat obtained to ensure doctrinal integrity
  • Each question addressed by way of an intuitive structure designed for busy catechists:
    • "Background for the Catechist" presents the issue in terms for the adult layperson
    • "Reflection for the Catechist" offers review questions to help the catechist understand and apply the teachings
    • "Presentation Ideas" offers lesson planning
    • "Review for the Students" provides assessment
    • "Prayer Service" or "Meditation" connects the lesson to the life of prayer for the students
  • Charming illustrations make the issues come alive
  • Several student worksheets are provided
  • Helpful Glossary of terms with keywords in boldface throughout the text
  • Easy to find what you're looking for
    • Detailed Table of Contents to help the catechist quickly flip to the desired page
    • Questions / Chapters marked at the top of the pages
  • Provides the fruit of years of research, study, teaching, writing, and editing

Special Features of the Kindle Version

  • The text and illustrations are beautifully formatted for enjoyable reading on all devices
  • Easy navigation
    • Clickable two-level Table of Contents, easily accessible from all parts of the book
    • Keywords in the text linked to the Glossary
    • References within the book linked
    • Can be read on nearly any device by downloading the free Kindle app from Amazon

Table of Contents

Foreword by Adam Janke, MA (Program Director, St. Paul Street Evangelization)
Question 1: Does God Really Exist?
Question 2: Why Did God Create the World? Was He Lonely?
Question 3: Who Created God?
Question 4: What Does God Look Like?
Question 5: How Big Is God and Where Is He?
Question 6: How Does God Rule Creation?
Question 7: If God Created Everything, Did God Create Evil?
Question 8: What Is Heaven Like?
Question 9: Aren’t Humans Just Monkeys with Bigger Brains?
Question 10: Did Jesus Create the World?
Question 11: If Something Is Wrong in one Culture, Could It Be Right in Another Culture?
Appendix: The Life and Teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas
About the Author

Customer Review

"Thought provoking for adults with easy to understand concepts that provide you with basic Catholic truths you can relay to children and adults alike." (from Barbara O. on Amazon)


Michael J. Ruszala is an experienced and certified parish catechetical leader. He holds an M.A. in Theology & Christian Ministry and a B.A. in Philosophy and Theology from Franciscan University of Steubenville. The author of several religious books, Michael also serves as an adjunct university lecturer in religious studies. For more information, please visit .

How to Purchase

Now available on Amazon in Kindle for $7.99 and in softcover for $13.99 (USA) plus shipping. Click here for a link for Kindle, and click here for softcover from Amazon. Or to purchase a signed copy directly from the author, for $13.99 and free shipping within USA, see below.

Attention parishes, schools, and organization leaders: Inquire about group discounts starting at just 5 copies.

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New Book: David and the Psalms

People are fascinated by the concept of royalty. The notion stirs up sentiments of love, admiration, and hatred. We see ourselves in them, and yet we criticize them at times with indignation. While most monarchies today have been put aside or at least limited in their power, the concept of royalty cannot be erased from human consciousness. In the words of Jesus, Christians pray, “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” The ultimate and most perfect monarchy is that of God himself, the sovereign of all creation.

Through David and the story of the kingship, God taught us about his governance of the world and of his people. David was only human and at times the worthy subject of both praise and severe criticism. But in his relationship with God, we find a model for the people both then and today: suppleness to God’s will; wholehearted pursuit of righteousness; sincere repentance from sin; mercy for others; and true worship of God, who alone is worthy.

Amazon customer review: "Thank you for this book. The Book of Psalms is no longer just a prayer book now. This book puts a story to it, and puts everything in perspective" (posted by Vinchu Lapid)

Amazon customer review: "Michael Ruszala took me on a journey through 1st & 2nd Samuel interweaving the Palms of David. His analysis was plain and concise... I couldn't wait to get home and complete my journey with Samuel. Thank you Wyatt North for this publicatio[n]. A must read for all Christians" (posted by Albert).

Amazon customer review: "It really is a book that is thought provoking, and makes one look at one's own relationship with God, and whether one's heart is set on God. There's so much more I could write about this book, but I could never do it justice. It just moves you. I would definitely recommend this book!" (posted by Tammy Boykin).

Available in Kindle and softcover through Wyatt North Publishing. Click here for a link.

Book by Michael: Saint Padre Pio: In the Footsteps of Saint Francis

In an age that smirks at the mention of miracles, sin, angels, and demons, St. Pio of Pietrelchina has emerged as a figure of immense popularity, attracting fascination, veneration, and also emulation. Padre Pio, who once wrote in a letter, “I am a mystery to myself,” is certainly a mystery to all who know of him. To those who moved beyond mere credulity, he became an inspiration to embrace the fullness of faith. Perhaps that is why his shrine in outlying San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy, is second only to the Vatican itself in annual number of pilgrims and why Italian Catholics now report to praying more for St. Pio’s intercession than for that of any other saint.

This book is a concise introduction to Padre Pio’s life, especially as compared to the example and journey of his spiritual father, St. Francis of Assisi. If St. Francis is said to be the most popular saint of all time, Franciscan Capuchin Padre Pio is perhaps the most popular saint of our times. 

Given that he passed only in 1968, it is remarkable to think that such a spiritual “superhero” could exist in our modern age. Though not spared from misfortune, he was spared those things that cloud us from perceiving the world in a truly spiritual way. Perhaps that is why Padre Pio offers us just the message we need to hear.

Amazon customer review by Carriel: "What a wonderful introduction to Padre and his great trust in God. This book really brings together the similarities between St. Frances and the Padre. I have become inspired to not only want to learn more about Padre but to try to live a more trusting life. Please read this book and let it open your heart and mind to God and his love for you."

Available in Kindle format or softcover through Wyatt North Publishing. Click here for a link.

Michael's Book: The Life and Times of Jesus: The Messiah Behind Enemy Lines (Part Two)

Jesus was a Messiah behind enemy lines – God come into a sinful world ruled by evil. He was on a secret mission to save humanity. To Jesus’ first-century Jewish contemporaries, whatever the Nazarene might be, he was not simply ‘another good rabbi.’ Jesus was a polarizing figure. One believed either that this powerful preacher and wonderworker was uniquely of God or that he was an agent of the Evil One. As he said in Luke’s Gospel, “Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters” (Lk. 11:23). 

Amazon customer review by Sr. Maryann Shaefer: "This is the perfect book for anyone who wishes to put Jesus in the historical setting of his time. It is a great resource for anyone studying Jesus' life from the point of history. Though it is historical in nature, it keeps your interest level high as you follow in Jesus' footsteps from the eyes of onlookers. I also like how the author does bring in scripture to solidify his statements. Just a wonderful book. Thank you!"

Available in Kindle and softcover through Wyatt North Publishing. Click here for a link.

Book by Michael: The Life and Times of Jesus: From His Earthly Beginnings to the Sermon on the Mount (Part One)

To write a book about Jesus is a challenging task; to live a life like Jesus’ is more challenging still. Though not primarily a work of theology or of spirituality, this popular history intends to help the words and deeds of Jesus come alive for contemporary readers. In Jesus’ day, he was a polarizing figure; one was either for him or against him. Today, even many who are familiar with the story of Jesus are unmoved. There are a number of reasons for this, but one of them is that we have forgotten the history of which Jesus came to be part; and we have also forgotten how we fit in. When God acted in Jesus, he acted in history, and that history came with particular cultures, presuppositions, and memories of its own. Without an understanding of these things, Jesus’ polarizing words and deeds become blunted because their backdrop has been removed.

Amazon customer review: "So glad that I read this book. Even though I have a good knowledge of the life and teachings of Jesus I learned so much from this book. In language that the average person can understand the author tied history to the gospel and the old testament. Also he was able to confirm the validity of Jesus through history I look forward to reading the next segment." (Posted by "carriel")

Available on Amazon in Kindle format, softcover, and audiobook through Wyatt North Publishing. Click here for link.
Pope Francis: Pastor of Mercy
Book by Michael through Wyatt North Publishing

Understanding the life of Jorge Bergoglio is essential to understanding how Pope Francis shepherds his flock - and the key is mercy. What exactly do people find so attractive about Pope Francis? There is something about him that captivates and delights people, even people who hardly know anything about him. Aldo Cagnoli, a layman who developed a friendship with the Pope when he was serving as a cardinal, shares the following: “The greatness of the man, in my humble opinion lies not in building walls or seeking refuge behind his wisdom and office, but rather in dealing with everyone judiciously, respectfully, and with humility, being willing to learn at any moment of life; that is what Father Bergoglio means to me.” This book uncovers the life of the 266th Bishop of Rome, Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

Customer review: “Well researched and written with love, Pope Francis, Pastor of Mercy took me by surprise…”

Available as an ebook on KindleNookKobo, and Google Play and in paperback from and

Click here to view Michael's Amazon author profile. Click here for more ebooks on Christian figures by Wyatt North Publishing. 

My Talks for Adults

Understanding Pope Francis (60 mins, PowerPoint)

Just about everyone loves Pope Francis, yet few really understand him. What are we to make out of the many surprising stories we hear about him in the news? The key is found in his earlier life and ministry. This presentation will cover formative parts of Pope Francis' early life and priesthood and will explain his most driving concerns in his leadership as pope.

Jesus in Context (2 Parts, 60 mins each, PowerPoint)

Why are so many people today unmoved with the message of Christ when people in his day either risked their lives to follow him or otherwise declared him an agent of the evil one? This talk seeks to recover a sense of how first-century Jews would have seen Jesus, to enter into the historical context into which the the Son of God chose to descend, and to show how we are also part of the story.

Jesus of History, Christ of Faith

Did Jesus of Nazareth really exist? Are the canonical Gospels really reliable? Did he intend to found a Church? Did Jesus really rise from the dead? This presentation will address these issues, brought up ever more today, with the record of history in support of what has always been taught by the Church.

From Scripture to Doctrine to Life (60 mins, PowerPoint)

This presentation helps to renew our understanding of doctrine and its role in faithful discipleship. Showing basically how doctrine has arisen, it shows that doctrine is not just about the head but is an integral part of the loving relationship we have with God. This interactive presentation shows how doctrine has an important roll in the faith formation of every Catholic, and further how knowing and living should go hand in hand and be enthusiastically taught as such.

Blessed Are the Meek (40 mins, PowerPoint)

Meek is not weak! It is the virtue that controls our anger while at the same time avoiding cowardly indifference. This is a beatitude we could all use more of today.

Absorbing the Mystery in the Mass (20 mins, PowerPoint)

This talk aims at engendering the internal side of the "active participation" of the faithful called for at Vatican II, experiencing the Mass as the mountaintop from which our energy flows and to which it is directed, and taking the new Roman Missal as a point of departure.

Vatican Council II: Handing on Traditional Faith in a Modern World (2 Parts, 90 mins. each, PowerPoint)

This seminar was designed to count toward Diocese of Buffalo catechist certification. The seminar is intended to provide background knowledge to assist with the aims of parish catechesis and is grounded in the theology and history of the Council. It is given in two parts – the first on the Church and its teachings in itself and the second on the Church for the world (social justice).

Pope St. John Paul II on the Parents’ Role in Education within the Family (60 mins)

Presents highlights from John Paul’s Familiaris Consortio on the bond of matrimony as the foundation of the family, the family as a school for a more fully human life, and the family as the “domestic church.”

Teaching Sexual Morality in Light of St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body (60 mins, PowerPoint)

Addresses the problems of widespread teen sexual activity and public school “value free” sex ed with the Theology of the Body, giving parents and catechists tools to get beneath the issues and avoid a prudish approach to teaching sexual morality.

New Catechist Orientation (90 mins)

Presents the church’s understanding of catechists and catechesis in light of Church documents. Gives catechists practical guides for method and classroom management.

The Mysteries of the Rosary in the Holy Land

A slideshow presentation of my 2007 trip to the Holy Land with historical background and organized around the mysteries of the Rosary with the aim of placing the audience within the scene.

Talks I Could Give in the Future

The Historical Background of the Gospels
Christian Ministry
The RCIA Process
Teachings of John Paul II, Benedict XVI, or Francis
Paul VI on Evangelization
Scripture Interpretation / Scripture and Catechesis
Interpersonal Communication
Christian Community / Prayer
Devotion to Mary
Most general theology or catechist training topics

My Talks for Youth

Cyber Bullying from a Faith Perspective (75 mins, PowerPoint)

Cyber bullying is a hot topic for middle school and high school youth today. What they don't always hear is how dealing with this problem is one of the ways they can live out their faith - and that they can also rely on the power of their faith to get through it.

Mary: Mother of the Rosary (45 mins, PowerPoint)

Makes a case for why we should pray the Rosary and presents the story of the young girl destined to become the Mother of God. Explains the meaning of the Rosary and how to pray it.

Social Justice for Teens (75 mins, PowerPoint)

This presentation begins with the experience of giving, then the Catholic understanding of social justice, and lastly applies the principles of social justice in our world, inviting the teens into critical thinking and dialogue.

Theology of the Body: Saying 'Yes' to True Love (75 mins, PowerPoint)

Interactive presentation for teens and pre-teens presenting the positive, discreet, and appropriate message of chastity as the respect for our bodies necessary for us to truly love. Drawing on discussion, activities, videos, and stories, it challenges youth to think in terms of the purity God intended. This presentation is usually done in a parent-youth mini-retreat in which the parents and youth begin together, separate, and then return together for a touching and memorable closing activity.

Character-based Time Management Workshop

Looks at time management as part of a balanced and virtuous life, helping one to be a good steward of the gifts and responsibilities God has given us. Incorporates Stephen Covey on leadership development.

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